Air Compressors & Dryers

Andress Engineering Associates has specialized in industrial compressed air systems for over 30 years. As a compressed air specialist, AEA offers turn key compressed air systems specified to your application. In addition to new systems, Andress Engineering offers field service, PM service, and parts sales. We provide specified equipment from one of our many industry standard manufacturers. AEA installs those systems and provides field service and parts for compressed air systems. In addition to compressors, we regularly design dryer systems, desiccant and refrigerant, liquid dryers, air filtration systems, flow controllers, and control system upgrades. AEA is also a supplier of bulk desiccant materials.

AEA is proud to be an authorized dealer of multiple industry standard compressor manufacturers. Some of our most popular brands include:

  • FS Curtis
  • Champion by Gardner-Denver Compressors
  • Aircel
  • Zeks Compressed Air Solutions

As an authorized dealer of our equipment manufacturers, AEA will design a customized system to fit your application and needs. We offer a wide range of products spanning the compressed air space. Below is a sample of products AEA offers across each of our compressed air segments. Additional brands, models and size ranges available.

Andress Engineering Provides Systems in the following categories:

Alabama and West Coast

Tommy Armstrong
Office: (800) 228-7922
Email: Sales@andressengineering.com

Georgia and East Coast

Taylor Majors
Office: (864) 828-0694
Email: sales@andressengineering.com

Virgil Cobb
Office: (912) 308-3107
Email: virgilaea@outlook.com