Model: Repowered NW-2 Locomotive Cummins Reman Engine 2007

This locomotive was repowered with a Cummins 4 Cycle Engine and a GE “GT 558 J1” Generator in the late 90s. It has been equipped with a PLC control system. The unit had a factory recon engine installed in 2007. The unit was in regular service until 2017. It was taken out of service when replaced by a railcar mover. The unit was operating when taken out of service. The locomotive has a Cattron Remote control system installed.

  • This switcher locomotive is located in the Southeastern U.S.
  • Trucks B-B
  • Compressor: Belt Driven Rotary
  • Traction Motors: D-37
  • Weight: Approximately 248,000lbs

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