Trackmobile® Atlas, not your grandfather’s Trackmobile®

Trackmobile® Atlas, not your grandfather’s Trackmobile®

In 2018 Trackmobile®, LLC released its newest model, the Trackmobile® Atlas. This beast of a machine comes in at 83,500 lbs almost 40% heavier than our previously largest model the Trackmobile® Titan. The Atlas steps onto the scene with a fully redesigned cab, new layout, but the same great design standards and quality you expect from all Trackmobile® models. The Atlas has filled a long awaited need for applications where the Titan was simply not large enough to do the job. The first year in production has been a resounding success with positive feedback on the unit. Andress Engineering has already put several of these units into service in our distributor territory. Combined with Andress Engineering Associates award winning service and support team, the Atlas is shaking up the entire railcar mover market.

One plant manager tells AEA: "Our guys loved the Titan, but it was never quite big enough to do what we needed to do. The Atlas has solved that problem."

The Atlas comes standard with the latest in the features to maximize both productivity and safety in our customer’s applications. Features like “Max-Trac” wheel slip control help minimize wheel slip and loss of tractive effort. Our ramped throttle control system helps operator maximize the pulling power of the machine. The increased 350HP Cummins 8.9L engine combined with our Funk John Deere transmission gives you the power you need to move bigger strings than ever before. The Atlas continues to push the envelope of operator and plant safety. All Trackmobiles® now come standard with the patent pending “Safe-T-Vue” 360° vision system. Providing operators with a 360° view of the unit from inside the cab. Combined with our rail line of site cameras, your operator will have complete view of the string from the safety of our climate controlled high visibility cab. These are just a few of the features causing the Atlas to make waves in industrial railcar moving.

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