Boge® Compressors

The Boge® Philosophy:
Customer benefit is always our primary concern. It is the objective of all Boge staff, whether boge2

Reliability means availability. In industry compressed air is a vital utility, just like electricity, gas or water. If the compressed air supply fails, production stops. The loss of even one hour of production in many cases cost more than the price of a compressor station.

Economy means low cost for compressed air generation. This includes:boge1

Appropriate Sizing Of The Entire Compressor Station.
Specific Power Requirement Of The Compressors.
Control, Regulation And Monitoring Tailored To The Application.
Low Maintenance Cost.
Long Service Life For The Components Used.

To inquire about your specific needs, contact:

Tommy Armstrong – Birmingham
Rex Gaskey – Memphis
Kenny Guynn – Mobile
Virgil Cobb – Savannah

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