Aero Go Air Casters & Load Carriers

Aero Go air caster equipment uses a variety of Aero-Casters to literally float massive equipment and assemblies on a virtually friction-less cushion of air. Clean, quiet and safe alternative to moving heavy loads. Designed to allow one person to move heavy loads safely and efficiently. Aluminum extrusion pallets utilize the efficiency of proven Aero-Casters and air film technology to float or crawl the load over the surface on a microfilm layer of air.

Aero Go Air Caster Process

Prior to inflation, the load is solidly supported on landing pads. These pads protect the Aero-Caster’s torus bag from being crushed when the load is at rest.

Aero Go Air Caster Process

When standard shop air or liquid is pumped into the Aero-Caster, the torus bag inflates, creating a seal against the floor surface.

Aero Go Air Caster Process

With this simple Aero-Caster principle, one person can easily move several thousand pounds.

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